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We welcome involvement on all levels from our friends around the globe. Use the forms below to get involved with the World Sky Race and the World Air League today! Registering will ensure you get updates as to some of the exciting events occurring with the development of the World Sky Race and put you in contact with your Local Organizing Committee as the events specific to your area are planned.

Individual supporters and enthusiasts are welcome at all levels of involvement. From just keeping informed to active participation, we welcome your involvement as the World Sky Race takes flight!

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Your company can be involved with the World Air League and World Sky Race in many ways. From providing goods and/or services to sponsorship and everything in between. For local businesses, our Local Organizing Committees will coordinate with you on your level of involvement. For international corporations, the World Air League will work directly with you to coordinate your efforts.

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The World Sky Race will bring world-wide attention to the various stops along its route as well as the regions of the world it flies over. The World Air League welcomes the involvement of tourism, economic and civic development associations around the world.

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The World Sky Race has partnered with UNESCO to bring educational materials to children of all ages around the world. Designed to inform school children about the World Heritage Sites and to increase global awareness, these programs will be available in a variety of media formats. We welcome the chance to work with educational organizations and foundations around the world as we develop these programs.

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