Up Ship! for Skyship Services

August 20, 2013

ELIZABETH CITY, NORTH CAROLINA – Skyship Services, Inc. returned to the skies today with their launching a Skyship 600. Skyship Services is the successor of Airship Management Services. Airship Management Services ceased operations after the death of George Spyrou in 2010.

Julian Benscher, President Skyship Services Inc. said, "Today, we are commencing a coast to coast tour and expect to create positive attention for the airships. We are heading to Moffett Field, California. Most people think of airships as representative of a bygone era but in fact they provide the world's most stable flying aerial platform with unparalleled endurance capabilities".

Don Hartsell Commissioner of the World Air League, " We are pleased to see Mr. Benscher's and Skyship Services progress. He has persevered because he has vision and staying power. We know that it has been a long path to reassemble operations. The Skyship 600 has a rich performance history. We look forward to new developments with demonstrations of greater capabilities, endurance and versatility. We wish him our best."